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People who prank food delivery riders deserve a special place in hell


Oftentimes, I find myself wondering ‘What are people thinking?‘. For example, what kind of mentality does a person need to have to willfully steal from taxpayers? To issue an order of ‘kill, kill, kill’? Or to openly admit that they used smuggled vaccines without remorse?

I’m far from perfect, but I simply can’t fathom what goes through the minds of individuals who commit such acts – and how they can sleep at night. Lately, people who prank food delivery riders have been added to the list. The list of people, who I believe, deserves an instant one-way ticket to hell.

In one instance, Grab delivery rider Paulino Collo Jr captured a fellow rider crying from a fake order worth PHP 599. ‘Nagtatrabaho tayo ng maayos eh’, sobbed the victim, while the others offered to pay for his losses. Thankfully, the restaurant was open to handing out a refund.

Another saw PHP 15k worth of food also go into the wayside, as shared by SheMae Ilano. Apparently, the prankster used her and her neighbors’ names and addresses to order ’10 boxes of pizzas, 5k worth of lechon meal, 5k worth of Popeyes food’. A total of 20 riders were victimized that day.

‘Nakakaawa sila, naiyak na, tulala at nanginginig’, said Ilano. She and her neighbors eventually bought what they can, while also reporting the incident to Grab.

For their part, Grab actually has a refund policy in place in the case of no-shows and fake orders. ‘For context, rider-partners just need to show photos of the unclaimed food, order receipt, and the GrabChat exchanges’, said Grab in a statement after another such incident.

But a refund still cannot replace the lost time, effort, and most importantly, income, that would’ve otherwise been beneficial for riders who are risking their lives every day by just being outside.

You would think a pandemic and the millions of jobless Filipinos would be enough to deter even the coldest of scumbags from making life harder than it already is. But frustratingly, that isn’t the case. At this point, I don’t think any kind of lecturing would work on any of these fools.

However, I do believe in karma. Here’s hoping that if they don’t get run over by a truck in the next few days, Satan is at least warming their rooms for their inevitable trip downstairs.

grab, <b> People who prank food delivery riders deserve a special place in hell </b>

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