Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel tells visitors: ‘We are NOT the cut and paste of LaBoracay’

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Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel is on everyone’s go-to list whenever they hit San Juan, La Union to hit the beach and catch some waves.

But today, the hostel wanted to raise a valid point through a lengthy Facebook post, calling out event organizers on their negligence on helping clean and save the environment, and telling visitors that they are not a copy of LaBoracay.

Facebook: Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel

It said in its statement that after the crowd on the beach had trampled their mangroves, after event organizers put massive stages on their turtle beach during hatching season, after aiming for overkill with “obnoxious 5-storey banging speakers to deafen Flotsam and sonically terrorize the community,” it’s the Flotsam team that does the 6 am beach clean-up of piles of rubbish outside.

“The trash isn’t just on the surface. It piles in layers beneath the sand. So it takes a few days to clean it up. Not just a superficial 1 hour pick up session for a media photo op.”

Its statement added, “We will be doing twice daily beach clean-ups, which is always part of your Flotsam team’s DAILY routine. While organizers and events just come and go.”

Flotsam adds that it does its socials and garden parties only inside their hostel, clarifying that they never do it on the beach.

“Where it was once barren, we’ve planted dozens of rainforest trees and fruits and plants in your Flotsam magical universe. And mangroves,” Flotsam staff wrote. “Once our indigenous rainforest trees soar, FLOTSAM will be a coastal rainforest in 4 years.”

It added that the Flotsam team does beach cleanups every day, not just in front of them, but for a kilometer stretch of beach in their surf town community.


“FLOTSAM is not perfect. But we live here. So we have to try every day to get things right. Bit by bit. And we are eager to learn and implement. We are still learning.
But we simply try to make things a little better on a daily basis.”

“Not just come and go. We are NOT Labor Union the cut and paste of LaBoracay,” it added.

“Much love to SIFCare and Curma founder, our environmental guru
BeeKeeper Toby Tamayo, who has patiently and generously guided us in our small green initiatives inside your Flotsamagical little hostel,” the statement ended.