LOOK: Netizens are flooding social media with their baha survival stories

Gelo Lasin

Tara na at lumangoy!

Perhaps one of the most unexpected events yesterday was the torrential downpour which caused floods in various parts of Manila.

Netizens were quick to document and upload videos regarding the situation in their area.

The vids ranged from the somewhat terrifying,

V Luna road at the moment. Keep safe everyone. Stranded hehe

Posted by Bader Villaceran Askari on 21hb Jun 2018


Mother ignacia ave.super baha na

Posted by Anivid Cabu Somar on 21hb Jun 2018


to your usual day-in-life video,


Posted by Wilson Baunto on 21hb Jun 2018


Welcome to España Water Park!

Someone even managed to make an album (yeah, it was that bad)

FLASH FLOOD – THURSDAY 06.21.18 CREDITS TO PIC OWNERS! ? #concernedcitizen #grabbedpics

Posted by Ichiban Mayoralgo on 21hb Jun 2018

Are you bummed you never got to swim during the break?

Anong nangyari sa plano niyong swimming?

Posted by MYX Philippines on 26hb Mei 2016


Worry not, they have a lazy river in Almar, Zabarte.

My Bagong Pool sa Almar . hahaha tara swimming ?

Posted by Dubria Joey on 21hb Jun 2018


Maybe it was a good idea that you stayed in bed that day instead of going outside to catch a movie…?

Flash flood SM North.

Posted by William Herrera on 21hb Jun 2018


Also it’s not your typical baha scenario if there are no kids playing in the flood… no matter how dirty said flood might be

Taft > La Union

Posted by Tristan Brawner on 21hb Jun 2018

They’re having a blast.

According to PAGASA, the terrible weather is not going away soon, as the Southwest Monsoon is affecting certain parts of Luzon.

So in the meantime, stay indoors , bundle up, get some soup, hot chocolate, coffee, whatever and enjoy this rainy day playlist we made for you!


Article contributed by: Moley Galindo

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