Online users are seemingly not fans of the first Metaverse wedding


Metaverse is still extremely new and as expected, it will have a lot of “first times”. In this case, the virtual reality platform carried out its first wedding within its digital world. The New York Times reported how Traci and Dave Gagnon held a hybrid ceremony taking place at the same time, with one in-person and another was virtual.

While attending online weddings isn’t a new concept, the Gagnons went a little extra so that all of their friends and family could be part of it. They also revealed that they first met each other as avatars during a company event, so celebrating it in the Metaverse was seemingly fitting.

The virtual wedding appeared like the physical one as it featured avatars of the bride and groom, the priest, a 7-year-old ring bearer, a dancing flower girl at the reception, and other guests who are watching the couple as they say “I do.”

Metaverse wedding, <b> Online users are seemingly not fans of the first Metaverse wedding </b>
Traci Gagnon

Speaking with The Sun, Traci said that their avatars were staged by Virbela, a company that builds virtual worlds for companies and work conferences. She added, ’It was the idea of Jason Gesing, the President of our company, eXp Realty.’

‘He said it would be a great way for everyone to attend our wedding,’ she continued. ‘We have one of the most robust cloud campuses in the world.’

When the New York Times posted its article on Twitter, people online expressed how they seemingly weren’t that amused with the Metaverse wedding. One user said, ‘This has been possible in online video games for 20+ years without the need for a metaverse.’

There were also users who posted screenshots of weddings that took place in games like Final Fantasy XIV and Animal Crossing, saying how these celebrations looked “better” than the one in Mark Zuckerberg’s platform.

Banner: Traci Gagnon

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