First images of planned Studio Ghibli Theme Park in Japan released

Gil Cadiz

Avid fans of Hayao Miyazaki films have a reason to converge in Japan four years from now.

The Oscar-winning Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli has released the first images of its 200-hectare theme park set to open in 2022 in Nagakute city, near Nagoya.

Almost a year ago, Japan’s Aichi Prefecture announced the plans to build the amusement park in the same spot where the 2005 World’s Fair was held, which already has a fully-built replica of the house from Miyazaki’s 1984 film My Neighbor Totoro.

Sora News 24 reports, “Greeting guests at the entrance will be a partial recreation of Howl’s Moving Castle, with steampunk elevators taking visitors into the park itself and onto a raised viewing platform. Expansive views will also be offered from the balconies of a full-size replica of the Chikyuya antique shop from Whisper of the Heart.

The real-life version of the house in which sisters Mei and Satsuki live in My Neighbor Totoro, which was originally built for the 2005 World’s Fair in Nagakute, is slated to be part of the “Totoro’s Hometown” area, and Nagoya-based broadcaster Tokai TV is also reporting that guests to the Ghibli Park will be able to visit the house in which little witch Kiki, of Kiki’s Delivery Service, grew up.

Check out the picturesque renderings that transport us back to the beautiful moments of watching our favorite Hayao Miyazaki films.

Courtesy: Studio Ghibli
Courtesy: Studio Ghibli
Courtesy: Studio Ghibli
Courtesy: Studio Ghibli
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