Filipinos are spending more hours working than in the past 15 years

Gelo Lasin

Feeling burned out? Turns out, you’re not alone.

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) has revealed in a study that the average Filipino clocked in 43.2 work hours per week this January 2019, a higher rate than the 40.6 figure from last year.

As calculated by Esquire, this amounts to 8.64 hours a day, or 38 minutes more than the usual eight hours (if you’re working within a five-day workweek).

The number of Filipinos working at least 40 hours per week has also increased, as 71.7% of this year’s respondents said they do, compared to last year’s 63.6%. The respondents are all office employees.

The 43.2 work hour average is the highest figure since the PSA began taking notes in 2004. The study however, a) didn’t include OFWs and b) didn’t separate full-time from part-time workers.

The lowest average of work hours ever logged was 38.7, which was recorded back in April 2015.