Meet the three Filipinos part of the Forbes Top Creator list


This is the first time Forbes made a Top Creators list and they’re on it!

Bretman Rock, Bella Poarch, and Patrick Starr have all been acknowledged as top creators of 2022.

Forbes launched their newest recognition to acknowledge 49 of the most powerful content creators and influencers who have made their mark on the Internet worldwide. The list consists of YouTubers, TikTokers, and streamers, and three Filipino-Americans are a part of it.

Patrick Simondac, known to many as Patrick Starr is the highest ranked among the three, placing 4th on the Forbes list.

One of the OG Beauty and makeup YouTubers, he earned an estimated $15 million in 2021 through his own inclusive make-up brand One/Size.

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Following Patrick Starr at number 27 is Bretman Rock. Also a YouTuber, Bretman has since been a star of his own MTV reality show and is a spokesperson for various brands such as Nike.

As of last year, Bretman earned an estimated $6.1 million.

After Bretman is his bestie/cousin Bella Poarch at number 29.

Initially gaining fame through TikTok, Bella also has a thriving musical career and is the top Filipino creator in terms of social engagement.

She earned an estimated $5 million in 2021.


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The rankings were decided based on three key points: estimated total earnings, follower clout and engagement, and the creator’s existing business ventures.

Other influencers included in the list is Charli D’ Amelio who ranked second and Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, who topped the rankings.

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