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The face shield requirement might be discontinued soon


If you’re one of the peeps who are sick and tired of wearing foggy and easily dirtied face shields, then this will probably bring you some relief.

According to a tweet by Senate President Tito Sotto, President Duterte has agreed to reserve the use of face shields for hospitals. Currently, the Philippines has a mandate that requires the use of shields in public settings – the only country in the world to have such.

‘Last night, the President agreed that face shields should only be used in hospitals’, Sotto wrote, while calling the attention of the Department of Health (DOH)

In a follow-up interview with Inquirer, Sotto says Duterte will ask the DOH to adjust its policy.

The required use of face shields by the general public has been recently contentious. Lawmakers have advocated against it, calling it ‘anti-poor’. Another argument is that neither the World Health Organization (WHO) nor the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has officially recommended such a policy.

Face shields are primarily used to protect the eyes of its wearer, according to the CDC website. Goggles have also been considered as an alternative. The CDC does not recommend the use of face shields without a mask, as the former is not as effective in protecting against respiratory droplets.

Improvised face shield by a reaident in Manila from Philippines

Despite the opposition, the DOH has stood its ground. In a press release earlier this month, the agency argued that face shields added ‘another layer of protection’ against COVID-19.

The DOH also cited that the nationwide case trend is plateauing, not decreasing. Until case numbers start to decline, it cannot ‘afford to relax the policies on personal preventive measures’.

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