Spanish choco biscuit ‘Filipinos’ is facing criticism for obvious reasons

Gelo Lasin

That’s one way to stand out in the market

The controversial chocolate biscuit ‘Filipinos’ has arrived here in the Philippines, and it’s safe to say that Filipinos (the actual people) are pissed.

The amusingly named Spanish biscuits first made headlines way back in 1999 when the Philippines appealed for the brand to have its name changed.

The pvblic, at that time, felt that the product was low-key racist, especially since it was advertised for being ‘dark outside and white inside’ – a supposed shot at the Filipinos stereotypical desire to look Caucasian.

The country filed a diplomatic protest against Nabisco Iberia and the Spanish government, but it did jackshit, as the biscuits have continued to sell for the past 40 years.

Aside from the supposed racial undertones, the biscuit appears to also be violating a Philippine trademark law.

Under said law, brands are not allowed to use the name of a country or a nationality as its name.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) promises to launch an investigation to determine if ‘Filipinos’ will be allowed to stay in the Philippine market.

The brand is currently being sold at an unidentified membership shopping club in Manila.

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