PH just dropped its 1st transphobic song on Spotify for 2020


How do you tell the world that your country is just not quite there yet when it comes to respecting LGBTs? Upload a transphobic song on a global platform, of course!

Rapper Young Vito, who went viral last year for singing about the supposed deceiving tendencies of transwomen, just managed to upload the very same single on Spotify. You know, the one that he apologized for and took down barely a month ago?

The same song that was also slammed by LGBT advocates and celebrities is now available to be streamed by millions across the globe. Top-tier #PinoyPride moment right here.

Here’s Young Vito celebrating the achievement.

So how the hell did we exactly get here? Well, fingers point to Viva Records. They signed the dude as their artist back in December. As noted by Twitter, they went on to create a lyric video on YouTube for the maligned single this month, only for it to be taken down.

Only the Spotify version remains live as of writing (no, we’re not linking it here).


This entire snafu is just a fountain of disbelief. It really is, when you think about it. Out of all the otherworldly talents that Viva Records has signed over the years, with the likes of Regine Velasquez, Ogie Alcasid and Sarah Geronimo, they have resorted to THIS.

This dude.

What was even the point of re-releasing such a widely-panned song, anyway? With the full backing of a studio, no less! This has no benefit to anyone whatsoever, regardless of any way you look at it.

‘Hey, you know what would be a good hit to start the new decade? A song that insults a huge portion of the youth! That’ll endear us to our audience!’ – a random exec probably.

God, I need a break.

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