TIL: The first-ever Filipino serial killer is a Catholic priest

Gelo Lasin

From Joe Goldberg to Ted Bundy, it seems that the Internet is fascinated with serial killers nowadays.


And while it’s sad to admit that infamous murderers are pretty normal in other countries, they’re virtually unheard of in the Philippines. However, just because they aren’t popular, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Juan Severino Mallari was a Filipino parish priest during the Spanish colonial period who was convicted of killing around 57 people in the town of Magalang, Pampanga, where he served for a 10-year period (1816 – 1826)


His reason? He believed that the murders would cure his mother, whom he thinks was bewitched or ‘nakulam’.

And while it’s unclear how this UST grad (yep, he’s a Thomasian) killed his victims, he reportedly had a certain charm to him a la Ted Bundy, thanks to his distinction as a Filipino priest and his exceptional skill in calligraphy.

Fr. Mallari’s work during the 19th century- Kami.com.ph

Fr. Mallari’s killing spree came to an end when, after falling sick from an unknown illness, his victims’ bloodied personal belongings were discovered by the attending priest at his place of residence.

After 14 years of incarceration, the Spaniards eventually hanged Fr. Mallari on 1840, making him PH’s first documented serial killer.

He is also the first Filipino priest to be executed by the Spanish government, preceding Gomburza’s by 32 years.

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