What do Filipino millennials search for the most on Google?

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We millennials live in an age where we can get answers by typing something on Google and it is pretty cool how helpful that is. How do you tie a tie? How do you pay for your bills? How do you adult?

Filipino millennials have been taking advantage of internet access and technology since they were children and now Google Philippines has revealed what these people search for the most. Google Trends mentions that seventy-five percent say Filipino millennials go online to look for information, while 66% make decisions online by using Search, and 57% go online to watch videos to learn something.

How to adult?

The data from Google Trends reveals that three of the top adulting categories Filipino millennials searched for in the second quarter of 2017 are finance, vehicles, and real estate.

There was a search growth of 24% for the finance category which covers loans and credit cards. Vehicles had a search growth of 17% while real estate covered about 16%. There were other adulting categories including home and garden, baby, parenting and family, and job and careers.

Adulting is a term most used by millennials when its time to make grown up decisions.

Experience > Things

It’s no secret that millennials are part of the Experience Economy wherein experiences are valued more than material possessions. Its better to go and fulfill your travel bucket lists, with the objective of creating unique experiences. Google Trends reveals a 19% search growth for travel and tourism in the second quarter of 2017, with over 52% travel searches coming from mobile.

There was a 25% search growth for restaurants driven by fastfood and restaurant reviews. Among the most searched experience-related categories are arts and entertainment, hobbies and leisure, and family and community.

To become creative and to get inspiration.

The Global Web Index estimates that 47% of Filipino millennials are non-TV to light-TV viewers that rely on other platforms for their entertainment. This means millennials watch movies, listen to music, and catch their favorite TV shows on YouTube. All of these are ways to help millennials find inspiration to get creative.

Google Philippines Industry Analyst Geia Lopez mentions that brands should be able to take on the role of enablers, giving millennials access to three things:

Adulthood. Experiences. Creativity.

“The choices and possibilities that millennials face are infinite. The challenge for brands is to make these three things accessible to millennials and make them feel confident and secure in the decisions they make to realize their objectives.”

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