(UPDATE) Filipino animator in Netflix show allegedly fired for asking for better pay


A Filipino animator has come forward with allegations of maltreatment while working on a Netflix series for Top Draw Animation, a Filipino animation company with Netflix animated shows like ‘My Little Pony‘ and ‘The Hollow’ under their belt.

Raf de las Alas (Raf Dla on Facebook), who worked on the show Carmen Sandiego about a globe-trotting spy, took to Facebook claiming that he was paid below minimum wage.

Long story short, Top Draw payed me below minimum wage and used an “extended training” as an excuse to get work out of me.’, he writes.

lol the season I worked on, coming out in October.Now for some of my own history.I really put up with a lot of crap…

Posted by Raf Dla on Friday, September 20, 2019


He further alleged that he was fired for asking for proper compensation as it was supposedly ‘disrupting the positive atmosphere of [the] company’ – a claim he denied.

‘I never made a scene in spite of all they did, because I really wanted to work on this show… it’s something I was passionate about, but I couldn’t ignore the wrongs they were doing either.’

Per The Daily Dot, Raf explained that his post was meant ‘to blow off steam’ and was never meant to go viral. But he stands by his stance that the Philippine animation industry needs ‘genuine change‘ amidst similar horror stories from other creatives:





In a viral Twitter thread, a user claiming to be Raf’s girlfriend said that Raf was already an employee when he was let go by the studio.

He was there for 8 months.’

The training was supposed to be 2 months long but they extended it to 5 months for no reason, during which time he had started actually animating on the show, but being paid at the abysmal trainee rate of 120 PHP/second.’

He then got promoted to entry level for 2 months, but was fired for voicing his concerns



UPDATE: In a statement released on September 23, Top Draw countered that Raf was never an employee, but a trainee who received the benefits that came along with the program.

They furthered that it was his ‘poor attitude‘ and being ‘uncooperative‘ that pushed the studio to terminate his training.

This statement is made in connection to recent misleading and inaccurate online, social media posts directed at the…

Posted by Top Draw Animation on Monday, September 23, 2019


The post proceeded to raise more questions than answers for the pvblic, as commentators probed into further details on the legality behind the studio’s labor practices.






Regardless of criticisms on their statement, Top Draw has publicly indicated that they will not be making any further comments regarding the issue.