Filipinas are top viewers of ‘real’ and ‘romantic’ porn, says Pornhub

Gelo Lasin

For International Women’s Day, Pornhub decided to pay tribute to the ‘women of the world’ with a study which summarizes the viewing patterns of its female visitors.

Said study contains tons of info, but there are a couple of standouts.

In particular, Filipinas apparently love getting off to Japanese porn. And by ‘Japanese’, we mean real people, not Hentai, as that’s an entirely different category (daaamn Russia!).

When compared to the rest of the world, Filipinas outranked other nationalities in the ‘Romantic’ category by a whopping 233% in terms of viewership.

They also prefer ‘Verified Couples’ (a.k.a Real Couples Having Sex) 160% more than other women and placed only second to India in ‘Behind the Scenes’ with 204%.

Turns out, even in porn, Filipinas are hopeless romantics who stan authenticity.

Overall, Filipinas are among the top 20 viewers in the world, who, as a whole, contribute to 71% of Pornhub’s female traffic worldwide.

It isn’t surprising really, considering that Filipinos, in general, spent the most time watching porn in 2018.

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