A Filipina made history as the first female president of this American univ

Gelo Lasin


Astrid Tuminez is just incredible

Not only did she make history as the first-ever female president of Utah Valley University, but she also has one heck of an awe-inspiring backstory, which she proudly shared – in SIX. DIFFERENT. LANGUAGES.

In a welcome vid for her university, the Filipina flaunted her awesome multilingual skills

First, she playfully asserted her dominance by declaring that she’s the prez of the univ in Spanish.

Next, she told her backstory in Ilonggo and Tagalog

Born in a village in Iloilo, Astrid eventually moved to the city with her family where they lived in poverty. Eventually, she was able to study for free with the help of some charitable nuns.

Switching to Russian, she then shared about her studies abroad

She took up Russian Lit at Brigham Young University, Sovietology at Harvard, and finished her Doctoral degree at MIT. Holy crap, what a mind!

Finishing in French, she gave a final welcome for her incoming students

Oh, and apparently she loves French food, cuisine and poetry.

She’s def an amazing inspiration

Watch the full vid here

Welcome from President Tuminez

First Day: President Tuminez officially starts today and welcomes students and the world to our campus in six languages. Follow UVU President on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (keyword = UVU president).

Posted by UVU on Monday, 17 September 2018

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