The Fil-Am McDonald’s pranksters just got an awesome reward from Ellen

Gelo Lasin

You’ve heard of the Fil-Ams who pranked McDonald’s right?

A few weeks ago, Christian Toledo and Jevh Maravilla hung a fake poster of themselves in a McDo resto after noticing that the fast food chain’s ads lacked a bit of diversity.

Twitter – @jehvolution

The prank was so good that it went unnoticed by everyone – even McDonald’s employees – until on Sept 2, when Jevh tweeted about the incident.

His post has since garnered over a million likes.

Now, the duo’s push for Asian representation has paid off – in a huge way

The two got the surprise of a lifetime during an appearance on ‘Ellen’ when the eponymous host revealed that McDonald’s decided to cash in on their campaign for diversity by featuring the two in an upcoming marketing campaign.

And since they’ll both be starring in said campaign, they get to be paid for their time as well. The pair will each receive a talent fee worth $25k. Holy crap!

Watch the full interview here:

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