FUNNY: This mom freaking out over her son’s ‘tattoo’ is every Filipino mom EVER

We The Pvblic

This Fil-Am kid had balls of steel when he decided to prank his Filipino mom he got a tattoo of the Philippine flag on his thigh.

His mom basically went “ballistic Filipino mom style”.

Twitter user @thomastolenT from San Diego, California took to Twitter to show his mom’s reaction to his little announcement.

Fellow Filos were quick to reply to the tweets, and the replies got us dead.



They’re trying to turn us into murderers or something? Ok then.




Filipino moms (or moms, in general) are ALWAYS right.




Advanced talaga mag-isip mga nanay.





When words fail, you just say… putangina.


Shoutout to all the Filipino moms here and abroad!

Contributed by: Moley Galindo

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