Photobomber ‘Fiji Water Girl’ should’ve won ‘Best Supporting Actress’ at Golden Globes

Gelo Lasin

The Golden Globes just concluded, and for the most part, it got its winners right.

‘Into the Spiderverse’ won Best Animated Feature, Lady Gaga snagged Best Original Song for ‘Shallow’ and Rami Malek got Best Actor for ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

One of the most atrocious awards snubs, however, was Kelleth Cuthbert who should’ve gotten gold for simply winning the Internet.

Tagged as the ‘Fiji Water Girl’, Kelleth was caught photobombing almost every celebrity on the red carpet – from Richard Madden to Jim Carrey – complete with a tray of the bottled water brand.

The part that had the Internet ROFLing? The entire shtick seemed purely intentional, with the mystery lady even giving photographers her best angles as she stole every snap.


Turns out, Kelleth is actually a professional model, which kinda explains her irresistible love for the camera – and her drop-dead gorgeous looks as well.

Fiji Water is the official bottled water partner of the Golden Globes since 2015. Now, thanks to Kelleth’s hilarious publicity stunt (complete with that eyebrow raised, I-dare-you-to-take-a-pic look), Fiji just made its biggest splash in the event yet.

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