FDA confirms what we already know: Reno Liver Spread is legit

Per CNN Philippines, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has confirmed what Filipinos have been telling them all along: Reno Liver Spread is cool enough to eat.

The iconic canned food was given the go-signal to resume production after its application for product registration had been approved. The FDA previously earned the ire of basically every Filo when it issued a warning against its consumption.

Pvblic critics pointed out that Reno Liver Spread had been around since 1958, long before the FDA was established in 2009. Still, rules are rules, and the warning was issued.

***FDA Advisory No. 2020-1618***The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns all healthcare professionals and the…

Posted by Food and Drug Administration Philippines on Tuesday, September 15, 2020


Following the backlash, the FDA released a statement, saying that while Reno Foods is a licensed manufacturer and distributor, the company lacks a Certificate of Product Registration (CPR), which guarantees ‘the safety and quality of a respective product with applicable standards and issuances’.

The two permits are needed to allow brands to sell processed food in the country.

‘Thus, the FDA has a responsibility to inform the public, through an advisory, that RENO Brand Liver Spread is NOT REGISTERED as of this date as a processed food product and must secure the required authorization from this Office’.

Still, the most important thing is that this hulabaloo is all behind us, and the pvblic can now eat its liver spread in peace.

Reno, <b> FDA confirms what we already know: Reno Liver Spread is legit </b>