Faith Garcia redefines beauty and strength of a new-fashioned woman

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Today is one of the better days to be a woman where females are empowered more than ever. Involving themselves in various aspects of society whether it’s sports, politics, or popular culture, women make themselves heard, pursue their dreams and strive to create a broader impact. The need to be independent—in every sense of the word—has also taken a front seat as women of today know what they want, and actively make their own paths to get there.

Take Faith Garcia for instance, a fine example of the ‘new-fashioned women’ phenomena. At an early age, she knew she could be someone who inspires people—men and women alike, to always be better at what they do. As a proof of Garcia’s relentless attempt to push her own boundaries, she’s ventured into triathlons, an area previously considered the forte of men where she is consistently gaining success.

From the get-go, Garcia realized the challenges of being a woman athlete but she never backed down or even doubted herself. In fact, she sees it as an opportunity to show that women have evolved from being traditionally isolated to being at an equal level with men, more so on a very tough and competitive sport such as triathlons.

Skechers Performance Ambassador Faith Garcia wearing Skechers Go Run at the Xavier School Stallion Run where she won first place.


Although Garcia struts her athletic persona more often these days; completing some of the hardest endurance-heavy competitions like the Cobra Ironman 70.3 and the Century Tuna Ironman 70.3, she once held a Beauty Queen title in her hometown in Olongapo City. It all started with her idea of throwing herself out there to see how far she can go and to address her fear of wearing a two-piece swimsuit. Never had she imagined that joining beauty pageants could pave the way for a modeling career.

Being a neophyte in the modeling scene wasn’t a problem as Garcia turned heads wherever she went. After bagging a spot in the coveted Bench Fashion Show and showing her professionalism even as an upstart, other modeling gigs started pouring in such as walking for Philippine Fashion Week and more. With her modeling and track record in sports, brands quickly started to notice her charisma and potential.

Just last year, global lifestyle and performance footwear giant Skechers launched its ‘Solemate’ campaign on social media in search for multi-hyphenated women who are not afraid to express themselves and to chase after their dreams. The ultimate goal was to find a potential female ambassador who embodies the brand’s personality and can keep up with Gerald Anderson’s athletic-driven lifestyle. Anderson was the first local male celebrity to represent Skechers and Garcia was the first winner of the Solemate campaign. The pairing was not like the typical ones you would expect but it definitely got everyone excited and curious about Faith.

In the November 2017 Metro Magazine fashion spread featuring Gerald and Faith as the winning Skechers Solemate pair, Garcia revealed how fortunate she was to be part of the ‘solemate’ campaign and how it boosted her confidence to try out new things and immerse herself fully in achieving her life-long goals.

While continuing to make strides in her triathlon, modeling and potential entertainment career, Garcia is setting the bar high that women need not be boxed in and be limited to being one-dimensional.

Faith Garcia winning the Skechers Solemate competition, with actor-athlete and Skechers’ brand ambassador Gerald Anderson


How she seems to flawlessly combine modeling, triathlon, and a gazillion other things isn’t really a mystery. Thanks to her tenacious outlook and Skechers versatile and comfy footwear, Garcia powers through the day looking and feeling her best. Another major factor is priority. “I set my priorities straight so I know where to focus more. Getting through the hustle and bustle of my multifaceted career is tough, that’s why triathlon remains to be my biggest motivator in life”, Garcia shared.

“In triathlon, you have to be always on your toes and ready for possible obstacles during the race. It’s not for the faint-hearted and those who easily quit. It’s a trifecta of physical, emotional, and mental endurance. And this is the kind of principle I apply in my everyday life”, she adds.

Back in college, Garcia was part of a swimming team but after it got dissolved, she had to look for other physical activities that involve the same sport. And as fate would have it, Triathlon was becoming huge at the time so she gave it a try and the rest is history.

Being a swimmer was more of having the right tool and grit to survive the ordeal of daily trainings, but transitioning into a triathlete was a different level altogether. “Getting in the triathlon business was probably one of the hardest things that I had to go through as it brought out the competitiveness in me. But it was also one of the best decisions I ever made”, Garcia shared.

After years of training and several programs to prepare herself, not only did she become a full-fledged triathlete, she also managed to grab several podium finishes under her age group. Her key to success was perseverance and the “you snooze; you lose” mindset she unabashedly preaches. So it came as no surprise that this year, she takes everything to a higher-notch as she currently competes as one of the top 10 finalists and vies for the top spot in the 2018 Century Tuna Superbods competition.

Combining her life as a model and athlete didn’t come easy for Garcia but she did it with beauty and strength. The polarity between the two could have been disastrous if she didn’t have the guts to take the risk. Taking on two different careers has taught her to be aggressive in grabbing opportunities that come her way, and to be comfortable in trying out something that’s totally outside her comfort zone. This kind of attitude was the reason why she landed the Skechers Performance endorsement deal in the first place. Her go-getter attitude and being comfortable in balancing multiple responsibilities resonate with Skechers Performance’s ‘Go Like Never Before’ mantra which is all about pushing yourself to the limit and defying conventions.