Facebook now lets you unsend your cringey messages

Gelo Lasin

People with absolutely zero game, rejoice! You can now delete your embarrassing pick-up lines to your crush via Facebook’s new option.

The social media site now lets you unsend messages after promising the feature a couple of months ago. The option is available on the Messenger app for IOS and Android users.


Deleting is as easy as tapping your cringey message of choice and choosing ‘Remove’. A pop-up will then ask you if you want to remove the line for everyone or just for you.

Choosing the latter will hide the message from your view, but not for the other people in the convo.

However, there’s a catch. The app will only let you unsend the text within a 10-minute grace period. Prove to be too slow, and your drunk, please-take-me-back love letter for your ex will be stuck in your chat history forever.


Banner credit: dignited.com