Remember when people would joke about futuristic technology slowly creeping into their daily lives? Well, Facebook is doing just that by developing a new type of smartwatch. It also has the goal of encouraging users to utilize it the way they use mobile devices.

In a report by The Verge, Facebook has plans to launch a brand new smartwatch next summer. Its features include two cameras that can be used in taking photos and videos. A front camera is made for video calls (and selfies!), while a 1080p camera on the back can be detached for a more convenient way of capturing footage.

facebook, <b>Facebook is working on a smartwatch that you could take selfies on </b>
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The content from the watch can also be shared on the tech giant’s suite of apps, along with Instagram. It could also have a heart rate monitor, LTE connectivity, and a possibility for it to be connected to an AR device, as explained by End Gadget.

Head of FB Reality Labs Andrew “Boz” Bosworth responded to a post by The Verge on Twitter. He revealed that the social network is investing in technologies that will make interactions feel more natural. He added, ‘This includes research like EMG, haptics, adaptive interfaces that could come together in a wrist-based form factor.’ 

Bosworth also noted that “research doesn’t always lead to product development,” referring to the possible launch of the AR glasses. He also explained that Facebook consults third-party experts to finesse their tech and that they will share more details on the project when they’re ready.

There are no official announcements yet on the upcoming smartwatch, but multiple reports said it could be around $400 or PHP 19,000.

facebook, <b>Facebook is working on a smartwatch that you could take selfies on </b>

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