Our usual routine of checking our Facebook feed will now have a fun spin thanks to the latest feature on the platform. Facebook and Spotify’s partnership led to an initiative called ‘Project Boombox‘ that introduces a miniplayer within Facebook. Spotify’s audio content can now be played as you scroll.

miniplayer, <b> Facebook is introducing a Spotify miniplayer for your feed </b>

The feature is quite simple. The miniplayer will appear once a Facebook user clicks ‘Play’ on a shared content from Spotify. If it’s the user’s first time using it, a consent dialog will pop up to confirm the connection. Afterward, you’re all set to play any audio content you want while scrolling. You even have the option to pause or dismiss the miniplayer.

Spotify Premium users can enjoy a full playback of the music they’re listening to. On the other hand, Spotify Free users can still use the miniplayer, but play songs via shuffle mode and hear ads in between.

Through the new feature, users can also tune in to select songs from verified artists and even play user-uploaded videos with licensed music.

A post from Spotify’s newsroom stated, ‘Over the past year, we’ve seen how social media continues to be an incredibly important way to connect with friends and loved ones—especially when gathering in person is more challenging. Audio continues to be something that brings people together.’

The new miniplayer feature is out now for both iOS and Android users in 27 countries, not including the Philippines. It will further roll out to other countries in the coming months.

What will be the first song that you’ll share?