Facebook and Instagram will soon merge their chat services


Per The Verge, Facebook is rolling out an update that will combine the chat services of its two biggest platforms into one. The newest feature will allow users on Messenger and Instagram to send private DMs from one app to the other.

The cross-platform revamp will also see Instagram adopt several new features, some of which already available on FB. These include chat colors, selfie stickers, custom emojis, vanishing messages, and new block features for unwanted DMs.

Messenger’s ‘Watch Together’ feature, which allows users to watch videos with their buds while on a video call, will also be added.

Aside from the new chat feature, Instagram and Facebook users can also cross-search for profiles registered on each app.

Apparently, this seamless transition between the two platforms has been planned by Mark Zuckerberg since last year, after noting that more people are communicating privately online than ever before.

The major overhaul is currently only available for testing for select users, with no worldwide release date as of writing. Once made available, users will have the option to avail of the update or not.