LOOK: Googling with free data is now possible via Messenger

Gelo Lasin

Facebook isn’t exactly one of the most reliable news sources out there.


Tons of posts bearing fake news and misleading headlines litter our newsfeeds every day. This is a damn shame since Facebook IS the primary source of info for people who rely on free data and who, therefore, do not have access to more reliable sites such as Google.

Netizen Miko Santos found a way to counteract this fact by creating a chatbot which allows free data users to Google for free via FB Messenger.

Users can access this new feature by typing ‘Free Web Search’ on Messengers’ Search bar or by clicking this link: http://m.me/FreeWebSearch

The bot will display the top 10 results for each search query. Additionally, ‘Free Web Search’ can also function as a ‘primitive’ web browser.

Simply pm a link of the website (e.g http://www.google.com) and the chatbot will display a text-only version of the site.

Miko shares that the grand goal of his invention is ‘to prevent spreading of disinformation and combat fake news, which is most prevalent in places with limited access to information in the web.’


Currently, ‘Free Web Search’ is in its ‘prototype’ stage, as the bot can only handle a certain amount of search queries per day, with upkeep costs proving to be pretty expensive.

Miko DOES have plans for further developments, which you can support via donations here: https://gogetfunding.com/lets-keep-the-free-web-search-facebook-messenger-chatbot-running/

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