Facebook will now ban content that denies the Holocaust


Are Marcos apologists next?

In another huge step towards stemming misinformation, Facebook announced on its blog that it is now banning Holocaust denial and distortion content on its platform. The move serves as an update on the tech giant’s hate speech policy.

Facebook reinforced its necessity, citing studies that show ‘increases in online attacks against many groups worldwide’, as well as the documented rise of Anti-Semitism and the ‘alarming level of ignorance of the Holocaust, especially among young people’.

Apart from the ban, users searching terms associated with the Holocaust or its denial will now be redirected to credible information provided by sources outside of Facebook.

Facebook, <b> Facebook will now ban content that denies the Holocaust </b>

However, while the policy is a welcome change, Facebook admits that it will take some time for its effect to be felt.

‘Enforcement of these policies cannot happen overnight’, writes Monika Bickert, Vice President of Facebook’s Content Policy.

There is a range of content that can violate these policies, and it will take some time to train our reviewers and systems on enforcement’

‘We are grateful to many partners for their input and candor as we work to keep our platform safe’

Facebook has long since faced backlash for its News Feed algorithm which prioritizes content that accrues high numbers of ‘engagement’ (comments, likes, and shares), regardless if said content is credible or not.

This flawed system, which Facebook has stepped in to address in recent years, has led to the spread of misinformation and fake news on a platform consumed by 1.73 billion people on the daily.

Facebook, <b> Facebook will now ban content that denies the Holocaust </b>


Banner: Heinrich Böll Foundation