These realistic N95 masks let you unlock your phone using a copy of your face


Dystopian dream come true

Let’s face it, 2020 is the Year of the Facemask. From the Taal Volcano eruption to the  COVID-19 threat, regularly protection your face isn’t going away anytime soon.

Now thanks to late-stage capitalism, a new type of mask called the ‘Resting Risk Face’ has been making it to people’s wishlist.

The concept is simple: A copy of your lower face is precisely printed on an N95 mask so you can still trigger your phone’s facial recognition while being protected. A little dystopian, if not actually convenient.

The creators also seem well-aware of the absurdity, saying ‘Is this a Joke? Yes. No. We’re not sure.’ on the website’s description.

Meanwhile, the ‘Resting Risk Face’ promises to use computational mapping in users’ photos to make sure there aren’t any distortions. The inks used will also apparently come from non-toxic dyes that won’t affect the N95’s breathability.


Creator Danielle Baskin has had numerous 3D printing ventures in the past, but she was still shocked by the mask’s demand.

‘Even though the website clearly reads as dystopian late-stage capitalism, over 100 people asked to be on the waitlist to get a mask when the product launches,’ she shared with The Daily Dot.

Love or hate the idea, the waitlist doesn’t lie. If you’re down, the masks sell for a whopping price of $40 (PHP 2,000+).

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