Supermarkets and restos are now required to donate excess food

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It’s already universal knowledge that excess food from establishments are not allowed to be given away and are automatically garbaged even if it’s still perfectly consumable, which makes no sense at all, right?

Considering how high the percentage of poverty is here in our country and how some Filipino families rely on leftovers from the trash, it’s absolutely incredible to know that something has finally been done about this.

Last Monday, the House of Representatives approved Bill No. 8873 or the Food Waste Reduction Act, which requires food manufacturers, establishments, supermarkets with at least 500 meters of selling space, and culinary schools with at least 50 students to segregate edible from inedible food surplus.

The edible items would be certified by a qualified health inspector and then donated to accredited food banks, as determined by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

These food banks, in partnership with the DSWD and local gov units, will then distribute the edibles to those in need.

Not only that, but the bill also imposes penalties ranging from P1 million to P5 million on those who would sell said donations.


Contributed by: Cha Balcos

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