Erik Matti teases ‘On The Job’ sequel, ‘The Missing 8’


Nearly two years after news broke that an ‘On the Job’ sequel was in the works, it seems that director Erik Matti is ready to deliver on his promise.

On Instagram, Matti posted a screenshot bearing the follow-up’s title, ‘On The Job 2: The Missing 8’, along with the caption ‘Let’s do this‘. Tagged in the post are audio-production house Hit Productions and film composers Malek Lopez (Buy Bust) and Erwin Romulo, who also worked on the original 2013 film.

In an interview with Variety, Matti originally intended to debut the film sequel in June 2019, followed by a five-part mini-series. However, the plan didn’t push through for unknown reasons.

Last December, Matti acknowledged his creative struggles with the project, citing that it may be his ‘longest film ever both in production length and in running time’. However, he remained upbeat, adding that the script makes it worth the wait.

What we know so far

The original ‘On The Job’ followed Joel Torre and Gerald Anderson as prison inmates who are temporarily freed to work as hitmen by politicians. Piolo Pascual and Joey Marquez also play as officers tasked to investigate the prison gun-for-hire business.

OTJ went on to be critically acclaimed and is credited as the movie that redefined Matti as a genre-breaking director.

The sequel cast will reportedly include Dennis Trillo, John Arcilla, Lotlot de Leon, and Ricky Davao among others. Matti also uploaded a teaser back in September which follows a bloodied Rayver Cruz, who returns from the previous film. Joel Torre’s ‘Tatang’ has also been teased.


Matti has also consistently used the hashtag #OTJSeries on related posts, which might suggest that he has opted for the mini-series instead of a full-length feature. Or this could mean that OTJ2 is just another addition in a long line of planned future films.

In any case, here’s hoping Matti finally drops OTJ2 sometime in 2020. It’s been a long time coming.

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