Erik Matti directs a horror episode about an albularyo on HBO’s ‘Folklore’


Filipino director Erik Matti is on a roll this year — from having his On The Job sequel at the Venice film fest to one of his stars winning the Volpi Cup for Best Actor. Meanwhile,  he also directed an episode of HBO Asia’s horror series Folklore which is set to premiere later this year.

Matti’s part in helming the anthology show was announced last December, but more details about the show were recently released. The episode he directed is titled “7 Days of Hell”, which revolves around the power of an abularyo or a witch doctor/faith healer. The official synopsis can be seen below:

‘A righteous policewoman and mother races against time to save her son when he falls dangerously ill from an unknown cause. When her son is given only a few weeks to live, she discovers that his illness is of supernatural origin and that a powerful sorcerer has cursed him. The only way for her son to survive is for him to apologise and make amends to the sorcerer. As the clock ticks, she is sent on a desperate quest to save her son.’

folklore, <b> Erik Matti directs a horror episode about an albularyo on HBO&#8217;s &#8216;Folklore&#8217; </b>
HBO Asia / Folklore

Folklore’s second season features six episodes that present different folktales and beliefs of countries from Asia. Each story was also set in a specific place and directed by a local director from that area. While Matti directed an episode for the Philippines, he’s joined by other filmmakers such as Sittisiri Mongkolsiri (Thailand), Shih-Han Liao (Taiwan), Billy Christian (Indonesia), Nicole Midori Woodford (Singapore), Bradley Liew (Malaysia), and Seiko Matsuda (Japan).

The second season of the horror series is set to exclusively premiere on November 14 at HBO GO. The Philippine episode is the fourth part in the show, which will debut on December 5.

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