FUNNY: Erich Gonzales’ ‘Agatha’ is now a meme and it’s friggin hilarious

I love you so much, Twitter!

Erich Gonzales’ Agatha from ‘The Blood Sisters’ might’ve been a sarcastic ‘B’, but there’s no denying that she made us laugh with her ever-so-quotable lines.

Agatha’s banats where such a hit among the pvblic that Twitter paired her best quips with the everyday life moments – and the results are just too funny.

1. When your kausap is too makulit


2. Kulit mo


3. When someone questions your English-speaking skills


4. Advice for your always sawi friend


5. Nostalgic


6. *cue Parokya ni Edgar*


7. When your friends ask you to make libre


8. Fierce!


9. When you’re SHOOKT


10. You, to your haters