Vibing to abuse: The Eraserheads can’t ignore Marcus Adoro’s issues


What is supposed to be a momentous night in OPM could potentially be spoiled by one of its icons.

In terms of influence, popularity, and mythos, the Eraserheads is the greatest OPM band ever. It’s not every day that an act that “retired” 20 years ago would still have the same fanfare as if they never left.

Sure, they’ve had their share of controversies – “We were never friends” or “Our songs aren’t THAT deep” – but for the most part, people will readily pay good money to see the Eheads perform “Ligaya” or“Pare Ko” like they dropped yesterday. Or at least, that’s how it used to be.

eraserheads, <b> Vibing to abuse: The Eraserheads can&#8217;t ignore Marcus Adoro&#8217;s issues </b>

Misunderstandings between bandmates are one thing. But domestic abuse allegations, those hounding guitarist Marcus Adoro, is another. The first was from his daughter, Syd Hartha, in 2019.

The folk-pop singer released screenshots of tirades by Adoro, detailing the verbal and physical abuse she suffered.

“Hindi lang isang beses na sinaktan niya ako nang pisikal. Tinatama niya ulo ko sa pader; kahit sa harap ng kaibigan ko o kapag nakatalikod nanay ko”, wrote Syd, adding that she now understands why her mother has kept her estranged from Adoro through the years.

Barbara Ruaro, Adoro’s ex-partner, backed Syd’s claims in two separate posts. On top of similar abuse allegations, Ruaro also posted a photo of a cut above her eye, writing “This happened to me yesterday, on top of other cuts and bruises, caused by someone I loved and cared for deeply.”

“The vicious cycle he has created for himself and others should be put to a stop.”

The actress added that her abuser would make her feel that she deserved the mistreatment and that only he was capable of loving her.

“Time and time again, I was made to feel everything was my fault. That if he treated me badly, it was because I deserved it. That every time I reacted negatively to his abuse, it was a result of my PTSD and not the abuse itself.”

“He used my weaknesses against me, brainwashing me into believing no one will ever understand me like he does. He asked me several times to quit my career and just devote my life to him.”

Fast forward three years later, Adoro is back with his former bandmates, set to reap the rewards that come with his icon status. But the Internet has a long memory in a post-#MeToo climate, and calls to “stop giving abusers a platform” and exclude Adoro in the upcoming December reunion are gaining ground.

Reruns of feel-good songs like “Alapaap” can’t sweep this issue under the rug, no matter how hard his mates like Raymund Marasigan tiptoe around the issue.

“I really want to respect the privacy of those involved, and sincerely hope they all find peace of heart and mind.”, said Marasigan in an interview with Bandwagon Asia.

The rest of the Eraserheads will have to face the music sooner or later. Otherwise, they’ll be asking fans to forget and vibe to abuse, which is an impossible ask, even for legends.

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