‘rAlLy nAnG RalLy’: UP launches extensive Coronavirus info hub, online symptom checker


Y’all know the drill

UP Resilience Institute in collaboration with UP Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards (NOAH) has rolled out ‘endcov.ph‘, an in-depth data mapping of all the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments in the country.

The site starts off with the endcov.ph main dashboard highlighting the recent numerical data regarding the virus. It includes death tolls, recoveries, cases by age group/gender, and the total case overview since the virus began to spread in PH last January 30.



There’s also the online symptom checker ‘ISKOnsult‘ in case users are experiencing symptoms but don’t want to risk visiting the hospital. The e-consultation comes with questions on contact history and when they first experienced specific symptoms.

The virus is found to have an incubation period of 2 – 14 days, so there may be some cases of those already contacting the virus without showing symptoms.


Endcov.ph also holds a wide array of information regarding the virus, including nearby hospitals, in-depth information on 683 cases (out of 707 confirmed), and DOH health advisories and resources to further understand and prevent COVID-19.




Aside from its frankly witty URL, endcov.ph is here to make sense of all the dizzying amount of breaking news and numbers – condensed in one handy info hub.

Apart from the spread of the virus, the site may as well be a handy solution to prevent the downright deadly amount of fake news coming from this outbreak.

You can check out endcov.ph here

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