Emojis on license plates will soon be a thing

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Emojis are everywhere. Starting as a simple add-on in texts, it’s now visible in almost every form of media, from games to social media platforms. Soon, they’ll be seen on Australian roads as well.

Starting March 1, drivers in the state of Queensland can now personalize their license plates with a limited selection of emojis — the “laugh out loud (😂)”, “sunglasses (😎)”, “wink (😉)”, “smile (☺️)” or ”heart eyes (😍)“.

The plates will still need three letters and two numbers since the emojis will not be included in the official registration numbers. But drivers can decorate theirs for up to AU$500 (P17,500).

Rebecca Michael, the spokeswoman of the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland, said that emojis are a natural addition to personalized license plates.

‘You can support your favorite team or your favorite town with a symbol on your number plate and using an emoji is no different.’ she said.

The pvblic’s response has ranged from liking it to hating it.





And of course, some said they’re up for the idea if other certain emojis were available, like the poop emoji perhaps?


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