Emilia Clarke just gave an emotional goodbye to Game of Thrones and it seriously has us in tears

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We’ve got roughly about 292 days and 8 hours until the next and final season of Game of Thrones (yes, we’re counting), but Emilia Clarke’s already easing us in the post-GOT depression before it even hits.

Earlier today, the Mother of Dragons bid Game of Thrones farewell on her Instagram account.

Castmates Lena Headey’s (who plays Cersei Lannister) and John Bradley West’s (Samwell Tarly) replies almost got us tearing up.

But what got us grabbing the tissues was her former castmate and on-screen sun and stars Jason Momoa show of Instagram love.

*cries in Dothraki*

We can never get enough of this tandem, from how Jason Momoa rugby-tackled Emilia Clarke yelling “WIFEY” the first time they met up to their cute little “reunions”

And Jason Momoa insta-hyping up the moon of his life whenever she does something bad-ass onscreen.


This is probably one of the Game of Thrones deaths we’ll never get over.

In the meantime, here’s some of Daenerys Targaryen’s OG moments to hype us up for Season 8.

 When she straight up roasted the Khals in Vaes Dothrak.

And she did it while adhering to the city laws that no blood must be spilled… because they’re all burnt anyways.

Basically every time she says her title.

It probably grows longer per season. Kudos to Missandei for memorizing all that.

When she walked straight in a burning pyre… and walked out with three dragons.

We swear, this scene still gives us chills.

When she burned Krazyns the slave master like he was a marshmallow in a campfire

That time she gave that speech to the Dothraki before taking back Slaver’s Bay.

And that moment when she got the freed slaves trust and everyone just started calling her Mhysa (mother) in Season 3.

Well, basically every time she says “Dracarys.” and burns stuff like it’s a Michael Bay movie.

All hail the mother of Dragons!

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