Ely Buendia broke the hearts of Eraserheads fans when he took back what he said in Ligaya

Ely Buendia, the legendary singer-songwriter in the iconic band Eraserheads, has just broken hearts of fans all around the world of social media.

In one of the band’s popular songs Ligaya, he sings:

“Gagawin ko ang lahat pati ang thesis mo, ‘wag mo lang ipagkait ang hinahanap ko”

Which is one of the most iconic lyrics in Philippine OPM history because if you’ve already done your thesis, you’ll understand the dragging weight of that line.

And then he tweets this

[tweet id=”716136357341450240″ align=”center”]

And it broke the hearts of fans

[tweet id=”716259442744950789″ align=”center”]

[tweet id=”716316197201969152″ align=”center”]

[tweet id=”716176616762683392″ align=”center”]

It was just a lie

[tweet id=”716187565645168640″ align=”center”]

What about everything that makes that song solid

[tweet id=”716271887672680448″ align=”center”]

Another fan said it was just something Ely said back in the day

[tweet id=”716144766266658816″ align=”center”]

To get with Ligaya

[tweet id=”716205804257304576″ align=”center”]

But maybe Ligaya didn’t let him, and now the bitter history remains

[tweet id=”716219369508835328″ align=”center”]

No more Ligaya

[tweet id=”716137185901043712″ align=”center”]

[tweet id=”716299330013896704″ align=”center”]

Or could this be the start of a Ligaya part 2 song?

[tweet id=”716253241177038848″ align=”center”]

We don’t know fam, but making a thesis is hard work and making another person’s thesis may just be too much

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[tweet id=”716184251360612352″ align=”center”]

But it’s okay for some, just cheer them up, Ely!

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Listen to Ligaya below!