Elon Musk cuts Tesla price to $69,420 for the lulz

Frat humor thingz

49-year old billionaire and Tesla CEO Elon Musk just made the ultimate ‘bruh‘ move earlier today as he announced that the price of his flagship Tesla car will be slashed to $69,420. Nice.

Musk dropped the news via Twitter, saying that the Tesla Model S will have a $2,500 drop from its original price tag of $71,990 (PHP3.5M) – thus fulfilling the so-called ‘prophecy‘.

‘The gauntlet has been thrown down! The prophecy will be fulfilled.’ 


This wouldn’t be the first that Elon’s sense of humor made its way to his company decisions, as he formerly planned to change Tesla’s stock market price to $420 (PHP20,000) a share – because, you know, it’s the drug number.

Unfortunately, that little joke cost Elon his Tesla chairmanship and a $20 million fine to the US Securities and Exchange Commission for ‘misleading investors‘. Don’t worry though, Musk apparently only did it to impress his then-girlfriend and now baby momma, Grimes.

Wonder how much $69,420 will cost him

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Banner credit: The Mercury News