The pvblic is in UPROAR over Elmo x Janella physical abuse issue

Gelo Lasin

RECAP: Janella Salvador recently confessed that she suffered physical abuse from co-love team and rumored bf Elmo Magalona.

The incident allegedly stemmed from an argument which the pair had after attending a party where Elmo apparently took ‘one drink too many.’

It also marks the second time that such an abuse happened. The first occurred months earlier, which saw the actor begging for forgiveness, promising that ‘he wouldn’t do it again.’

Twitter user @deliahcakes went so far as to post a vid which supposedly shows the fresh bruises Janella sustained.


Netizens were understandably shocked by the entire revelation and it opened up an entire discussion on the issue of abusive relationships.


Others saw it as a reminder


One shared her story- and explained why some choose to stay in such toxic relationships


To all abusers out there


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