Ellen and wife Portia, finally have a “Kid”! It’s a…

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Ellen Kid

After seven years of love, Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi dropped the news that they now have a kid, and everyone didn’t see that coming.

Nobody saw any of them pregnant, right?


So Ellen singlehandedly broke the news in her show that yes, they have a baby, but not a baby human… A puppy! Yep, a nine-week old puppy, and they named it “Kid”, just because:

“I named him kid because there had been rumors forever, like “When are you and Portia going to have a kid” and so now I can say that we now have a kid. So now, it has stopped”

Thus far, Ellen shared what it’s like to have a puppy, and mentioned that it’s a pain in the ass to wake up at 11pm, 1am, 3am and on 5am! However, she mentions that such feat in their relationship gives them more than just a cute bundle of joy:

“It really makes me appreciate what it’s like to be a mother, because, like, I’m trying to hold a puppy, while I’m trying to make coffee and I can’t do anything. He doesn’t let me do anything!”

Okay, it makes sense now, so yay! #lovewins!

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