WATCH: Ejay Falcon and Lauren Young debut on Korean drama ‘Where Stars Land’

Gelo Lasin

Gotta admit, this is pretty cool.

After previously teasing that they would be guest starring on the Korean drama series ‘Where Stars Land’, we finally get to have a look at Ejay Falcon and Lauren Young in action!

Watch the clip here:

According to the episode’s synopsis,  Ejay portrays Ian Santos, a Filipino who was initially barred from meeting his pregnant wife Mari (Lauren Young) inside the Incheon International Airport due to problems with his passport.

After Mari unexpectedly delivers the baby, the airport security relents and agrees to allow Ian to at least get a tearful glimpse of his wife and child, despite the illegality of such an action.

Aside from the awesome milestone of having Filipino actors star in international shows, mad props to Ejay and Lauren for delivering such an emotionally powerful scene.

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