Edu Manzano’s funny antics on ‘Ang Probinsyano’ prove why he’s your ideal Tito

Gelo Lasin

What’s not to like about Edu Manzano?

Aside from being a damn good actor, Edu seems to be a guy that’d be fun to just chill and have a beer with, thanks to his charming sense of humor.

Said comedic chops were once again on full display in this series of viral vids from the set of ‘Ang Probinsyano’ where the actor plays villainous VP Lucas Cabrera.

The clips all have the same recurring theme, which sees the 63-year-old getting cheered on by an overenthusiastic crew after he finishes acting out a scene.

At one point, even a simple handshake sent the people into a frenzy, calling him ‘Number One’ while Edu playfully basks in the applause.

The entire act is said to be the crew’s way of thanking the actor after he prepared a lechon for them when he celebrated his birthday on set.

Altho in my opinion, this is still his best performance of all time

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