Ed Sheeran serenaded Filipino fans at #DivideTourMNL Concert

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Award-winning musician Ed Sheeran (@edsheeran) finally serenaded his Pinoy Sheerio fans in a one-man show at his Divide Tour (#DivideTourMNL) concert at Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. The hype of the tour created the Sheerio Connection on Twitterverse as fans share their moments to spread the love to #TeamBahay and #TeamLabas all over the country with top-grossing song “Tenerife Sea” and several of his chart-topping hits.

Originally set in November last year, fans wasted no time in securing their tickets and kept in high spirits that the musical event will eventually happen despite the 5-month gap because the musician broke his wrist, elbow and a rib in a bicycle accident.

As expected, fans reacted as they finally heard the live rendition of their favorite songs from the artist’s Divide, Multiply and Plus albums including the global hit singles “Perfect” and “Photograph.” Many of his fans went all out in sharing how Sheeran’s music moved them.

Local personalities like beauty/lifestyle vlogger Angel Dei Peralta (@_angeldei) and PNP Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa were also there to witness Ed Sheeran perform live.

With the overwhelming cheers and singing voices, Ed Sheeran felt the love and support of the audiences and even recognized how the Philippines have been so passionate in music especially from international artists like him.

The Sheerio Connection

The music-loving Filipino community went out of their way to show their love and support to Ed and fellow fans everywhere. For those who couldn’t be at the concert – #TeamBahay and #TeamLabas  tuned in on Twitter to stay connected with #WhatsHappening as #TeamConcert kept them updated with their #DivideTourMNL moments.

In case you missed it, check out this Twitter Moments and see how Pinoy Sheerios went all out during Ed Sheeran’s concert on Twitter with #DivideTourMNL and #PHLoveEdSheeran.

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