In #ECQSeason4, the only thing being mass tested is people’s patience


What’s in a term

ICYMI, PH’s Extended Community Quarantine (ECQ) has been prolonged under the guise of Modified Extended Community Quarantine (MECQ) for high-risk areas Metro Manila, Laguna, and Cebu City.

Meanwhile, low-risk areas such as Aurora, Siquijor, Lanao Del Sur, and more have been put under General Community Quarantine (GCQ). In the meantime, there are still some cities under the original ECQ.

Confused? You’re not alone.

ecq philippines s4, <b> In #ECQSeason4, the only thing being mass tested is people&#8217;s patience </b>

Essentially, think of ECQ as the base level, with almost everything under strictly zero movements, from industries to transportation.

MECQ is a laxer version of ECQ, with the keyword here being ‘limited‘ – transportation is only limited to essential workers and only 50% of workers are allowed in essential plants.

Meanwhile, GCQ allows public transportation given that social distancing is practiced. Almost all industries are also allowed to operate up to 75%.

But this is only as presented by Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque earlier today, as LGUs may implement and make their own changes to ECQ, MECQ, and GCQ based on the areas’ needs.

It’s an entire ordeal that sums up how this pandemic is being handled: haphazardly – and ultimately leaving people confused.




Amidst people’s confusion to the newly introduced terms, the call for mass testing has never been higher – as early action and rapid testing have long been proven to be the winning combinations of ‘successful‘ countries on lessening COVID-19 cases and actually flattening the curve.

With PH implementing one of the strictest lockdowns in Asia without much luck, maybe it’s high time we look into other solutions that have since worked well for others.

We’re all for staying at home and getting used to new terms, but without advancements in how we handle this pandemic, it’ll just be an endless cycle of confusion and panic.

We don’t want more morning shows that lead to nothing

ecq philippines s4, <b> In #ECQSeason4, the only thing being mass tested is people&#8217;s patience </b>

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