Ebe Dancel teases ‘All-Sugarfree set’ for the band’s 20th anniv


It might not feel like it, but today marks the 20th anniversary of Sugarfree. Although the band bid farewell back in 2011, one listen to classic hits such as ‘Hari ng Sablay’ and ‘Makita Kang Muli’ is still enough to make us reminisce about the good ol’ days.

ebe, Ebe Dancel teases ‘All-Sugarfree set’ for the band’s 20th anniv

Apparently, no one is drunker on nostalgia than Sugarfree’s vocalist himself, Ebe Dancel. In fact, the OPM icon has once again teased an ‘All-Sugarfree set’, tweeting that he plans to do 2 shows ‘as we go back to yesterday and sing the old songs’.

‘I’d be nothing without the band and I wanted to pay homage and celebrate with you guys…’ reads a portion of the tweet.


Ebe previously held an all-Sugarfree set last March 6 in celebration of the 15th anniv of the band’s album, Dramachine. There are no deets yet for the newest iteration beyond the cryptic tweet, but if we’re basing it on Ebe’s past performances, the upcoming show is going to be a surefire bop.


Banner credit: Philippine Star