Eat all you can at Yellow Cab, Max’s, Pancake House, and a lot more for the month of June

We The Pvblic

Yes that means, you can eat all you can with Max’s Fried Chicken or even Pancake House’s yummy tacos! There are 8 restaurants under Max’s Group that’ll have the new promo.

Check out the list provided by Rappler and all the eats they offer in each restaurant, with only the price of P349 each:
  • Max’s: All-You-Can fried chicken and one glass of sago’t gulaman
  • Pancake House: All-You-Can “best taco in town” and iced tea
  • Dencio’s: All-You-Can crispy sisig and iced tea
  • Teriyaki Boy: All-You-Can ebi tempura and iced tea, with one cup of steamed gohan
  • Sizzlin’ Steak: All-You-Can beef belly strips and iced tea, with one cup of plain rice
  • Yellow Cab: All-You-Can Hawaiian or #4 Cheese pizza and Mountain Dew with one regular serving of salt and pepper hustlers (chicken bites)
  • Krispy Kreme: All-You-Can original glazed doughnut and coffee (beware the sugar and caffeine rush!)
  • Jamba Juice: All-You-Can banana berry smoothie and one reusable straw

You can eat for two hours only, with all customers having stickers for identification. Max’s Group also offers All-You-Can bundles for bigger groups and families as well.

The offers are available from 2 pm to closing for most of the restaurants above, while Yellow Cab’s All-You-Can pizza will begin at 12 midnight in its 24-hour stores.

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