Dylan Efron is living proof why two Efrons is better than one

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If you fell in love with Zac Efron’s Troy Bolton during his High School Musical days, you’re about to find out exactly why two Efrons is better than one.

Road trip! Upstate New York in search of 🎣

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Dylan Efron is the hot younger brother of Zac.

Coffee coffee coffee beer

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We know, two hot brothers, amarite?

#tbt a game of chicken into icy water. 📷 @alexanderalexandrov

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They’re just always in the great outdoors, having the time of their lives

Dylan also goes way back with Former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate Wil Dasovich

This is @wil_dasovich . Growing up, before MySpace ranked your top 8, we used to joke we were each other's 7th or 8th best friend. But that changed when we finally moved to the same city and went to college together. He instantly became a best friend and my absolute arch-nemesis in just about any competitive sport you can think of, Super Smash Bros included. His unique personality is contagious and anyone who knows him is bound to have picked up a few of his slang words or offbeat mannerisms. He's spent the last three years traveling the world and influencing people through his Vlog channel. His latest video is inspiring as hell but the news was hard for me to take in… Please give it a watch – It's a perfect introduction to one of the people I care about most. Love ya Wil, since '92 🖕 https://youtu.be/V9PMm2MYEqI

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In case you forgot about him, Zac reminded the pvblic in his recent “73 Questions” interview.

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When Zac was asked what advice he could give to his little brother, he said, “Just… do what I say to do. Like, come on, just do what your big bro says to do.”

Coachella weekend🇺🇸 #futureislands 🙌🙌

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