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Amidst talks of a supposed postponment for the May 2022 elections, Presidential Spox Harry Roque emphasized that President Duterte isn’t ‘interested‘ in leading the country for longer.

Roque shared the statement in a press briefing earlier today, after being asked if the election postponement is a possibility.

‘The President is not interested in extending his term. And he leaves it to the Filipino people, the sovereign people, to decide if they want to amend the Constitution to postpone the elections,’

‘It can never be an option for Malacañang, unless the Constitution is amended.’

This wouldn’t be the first time that Duterte has expressed disinterest in extending his position, as it’s been a staple segment of his regular late-night shows to share that he’s getting tired. He’s also actually been saying he’s ready to step down for a few years now.

‘I will step down by 2020, I will not wait for 2022,‘ he said way back in 2018 after being accused of pushing for federalism to extend his term.

‘I am old. I have no more ambition. I really would like to rest.’

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