This dude live-tweets his son’s attempt at sneaking a girl out of the house

Gelo Lasin

This is one of the greatest threads in the history of mankind

Twitter user @DropsNoPanties (nice name) woke up one day to discover that his stepson had a ‘visitor’ last night who has now seemingly overstayed her welcome.


Judging by the tweets, Tricky-D’s wife isn’t the type that approves of overnight ‘sleepover’ sessions, as their son is now (presumably) hastily hatching an escape plan in his room upstairs.


Some netizens also apparently pleaded for the dad to help his son out, but as he claims, everyone needs to ‘live and die by (their) choices’.


Anyhoo, ‘Tricky-D’ continues to livetweet what is slowly turning into one of those old-timey espionage movies, and boy, does it get intense.


Luckily, the kid in question apparently got a role in one of life’s feel-good movies, as the situation ultimately ended up with the pair getting away scot-free


Oh and sidenote: Here’s a few ‘post-credit scenes’ for you guys, if you’re interested in learning more about the context of the entire situation.

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