The cop who executed an elderly was ‘proud to be a good cop’


Trigger warning: graphic video

Police brutality, sadly, isn’t unheard of in the Philippines. Last December, officer Jonel Nuezca brutally murdered a mother and her son in the middle of a heated argument over a boga (PVC cannon) that was owned by the pair.

The incident, which was captured on cam, sent shockwaves across social, triggering condemnations and reactions from both the public and people of influence, including Interior Secretary Eduardo Año. But Año stopped short of condemning the current state of the entire police force, saying that the footage was an ‘isolated incident‘.

Barely six months since the statement, it seems Año’s claim is now struggling to hold up.

52-year-old Lilibeth Valdez was murdered by Master Seargeant Hensie Zinampan during a heated dispute last Monday evening in Barangay Greater Fairview, Quezon City. According to the daughter of Valdez, the policeman has a long-running feud with her family.

Zinampan, who was reportedly drunk at the time, was caught on cam holding Valdez by the hair and subsequently shooting her in the neck with his firearm. Agonized cries from Valdez’s family members could be heard in the background.

According to ABS-CBN’s Jervis Manahan, Zinampan initially tried to deny the incident. After the arrest, PNP Chief Guillermo Eleazar assured Zinampan would face charges and will be dismissed from the force.

In a Facebook post unearthed on social, it seems Zinampan ironically had his own share of sentiments regarding the similar incident with fellow cop Jonel Nuezca back in December.

In his since privatized profile, the veteran officer states that he’s ‘proud to be a good cop’, boasting his 14 years of service. He insists that the PNP performs their duties with ‘honor and integrity’ and exists to ‘protect and serve the people’.

‘The sin of Nuesca is not the sin of the entire PNP’, Zinampan wrote, echoing Año’s statements.

The post also came with hashtags, such as #MyUniformMyHonor #ProudToServeWithIntegrity and #PulisAkoKakampiMo

Zinampan, <b> The cop who executed an elderly was &#8216;proud to be a good cop&#8217; </b>

The irony

Zinampan, <b> The cop who executed an elderly was &#8216;proud to be a good cop&#8217; </b>

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