Since we’re in another season of being stuck at home, traveling is the last thing on our minds. Thankfully, Drive & Listen is the solution to your sentimental self’s longing to cruise around your favorite dream destinations. Plus, there’s no traffic involved!

Drive & Listen will allow you to explore a virtual reality experience where you can tour around the streets of some of the most notable cities in the world from the comforts of your home.

The app’s founder is Erkim Seker, is a Turkish graduate student from Munich, who created the app to cure his homesickness and satisfy his desire to drive the streets of his hometown of Istanbul. Eventually, the app grew to serve other pent-up travelers as well. 

In an interview with the Lonely Planet, Seker shared, ‘It was so fun to see my city but I thought why not listen to some radio in the background to get the whole riding in cars experience? I realised that other people around the world must be missing that same experience of being on the road.’

drive and listen, <b>Drive &amp; Listen lets you cruise around your fave cities in the world</b>
Drive and Listen

The app provides over 50 cities worldwide to choose from, like Rome, Paris, Barcelona, and New York. The ‘Listen’ component features local radio stations from each country you select. Meanwhile, the videos are dashcam footage taken from YouTube. You can also hear noises from the streets that add up to the complete experience.

Don’t forget to put your imaginary seatbelt on when you check it out here. Did I mention that you don’t even need to pay for gas?